Author: Git Gifty

5-in-1 Car Cup Holder

FEATURES & BENEFITS Create more easily accessible storage space. Can be rotated at any angle, convenience and creative. Attractive appearance, convenient and practical, nice decoration for your car. Small, but […]

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Mildewproof Gap Tape

Ceramic Tile Mildewproof Gap Tape is made from a purely natural material, each tape is crafted by our artist.  You will be surprised by the beauty and elegance of this product. […]

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Collapsible Drain Bowl

Draining your food has never been easier! Let us introduce you to a simple, wallet-friendly solution to your organization: an environmentally friendly, BPA free collapsible strainer that fits your home & storage needs! it comes in a set […]

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Sticker And Label Stains Remover

Now you can easily remove stickers and label stain with this universal remover! Formulated with citrus cleaning agents and a pleasant citrus scent. The surface-safe formula removes the stains without harming […]

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Marble Stickers

White Pattern

This Self-Adhesive Kitchen Marble Sticker that will Transform your entire home into a Luxurious Look! Segregate your kitchen counter top and walls from stubborn oil stains. Save your drawers, cabinets and […]

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Stripping Seal Strip (2- in 1 Set)

keep bugs and dust out with this weatherproof and soundproof stripping seal strip. which give you a clean, relaxing, quiet and comfortable environment. Made of waterproof flexible silicone, environmental-friendly material, […]

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